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Laredo Stroke Support Group first hosted HOPE Rocks in November of 2014. This event commemorates our local stroke survivors and their accomplishments. The silent and live auctions held during the concert help to generate funds for their rehabilitation needs through speech, physical, or occupational therapy.

Laredo Stroke Support Group works together with passionate individuals in the Laredo community to provide a platform for stroke survivors to share their stories and advocate on behalf of our stroke community.

Join us on November 11th, 2016 at our second benefit concert.

Take part in empowering Laredo's stroke family. Without your gracious contributions, many of our stroke survivors cannot continue to receive essential therapy services. Continued rehab can help stroke survivors maintain their independence without losing the progress they have worked so hard to achieve. Your donations help to ensure they have a chance to benefit from rehab services.

We are not victims. We are survivors.

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