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What to expect after stroke.

Dr. Christine Herrick Davis gives us some guidlineon what you should know at each phase of recovery from her book "So You've Had a Stroke Now What?" Here are some key points we find important from her book.

1. "Every stroke Survivor needs an advocate."

2. "Be there. Be present."

3. "Don't take anything said by the [survivor] personally"

4. "Learn more about stroke and aphasia by asking your medical professionals"

5. "Begin keeping a diary of all the information you learn from experience and from the medical professionals"

6. "Recruit family and friends to help"

7. "People with aphasia do better if caregivers and friends speak slowly"

8. "Try to do everything you did before your stroke"

9. "Keep them going so they feel good about themselves."

10. "Join a support group"

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